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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Cooking class in Hue

Hue cuisine is devided into royal food and ordinary food. Take a cooking class in Hue to learn more about this little culinary world of Vietnam with its refined flavors and tastes.

Below we introduce to you the yummy Fig salad with shrimp and pork. This recipe is typical of Hue food and well preferred by leaners.

Fig is a deciduous tree from the family Moraceae, it has the green colour in outside and white colour in inside. Its taste is sweet and buttery. Fig trees are often planed in Hue’s  garden home, especially fig tree must plan at least two. This kind of tree easy to plant and grow fast and bear fruits all the year round. You don’t have to take care them while its fruits are used for food exclusively in Hue. Hue people use fig fruit to make many attractive, delicious dishes , fig is also nutritious fruit.


Fig leaf is green and large, it’s often used to wrap breakfast, fig can be eaten as fresh fruit or made to many extraordinary dishes such as: sweet and sour fig or “figs salad with shrimp and pork”.

Making figs salad with shrimp and pork is quite meticulous. Firstly for preparation you have to choose fleshy and fresh fruits. Boil fig in a pot then peel away its skin, cut in half, clean the inside and continue cooking until it’s soft. Fig salad includes fig, chopped pork, pigskin, shrimps, carrots, dried wood ear fungus, onion and pepper, chili, black sesame… When decorating dishes will be added with coriander, roasted peanut.

Fig salad has the greasy and buttery savor of fig, sweet and a bit tough taste of shrimp, a little bit sour and sweet flavor of dipping sauce mixed with the fragrant aroma of roasted black sesame. All of flavors create a characteristic dish of Hue old capital.



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